Phoster: Three Taps to a Great Poster


Tap and choose a template. Tap and add text. Tap and add an iPhone or iPad photo.

That’s it. That’s all that’s involved in creating beautiful, well-designed posters these days, thanks to Phoster, a new app for your iPhone and iPad.┬áThe idea you can create work this good, this quickly *on an iPhone* boggles the mind.

Don’t need posters? You’re just not trying. How about e-book covers? Electronic post cards? Blog post illustrations? Gift tags? Name tags? Business cards? Stickers? Tarot cards? Now you’re thinkin’.

Ignore reviewers in the app store (“I want to be able to tweak the designs more!”) who whine because they can’t plaster rainbow-colored text and bad clip-art on top of these elegant designs. There are a thousand other applications that will let them make an unlimited number of ugly, eyeball-assaulting posters. The constraints in this app are there for a reason.

This is one of those magical apps — and it’s less than two bucks.

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