My “Bright Idea Deck” Called the “Worst Tarot Deck of All Time.”

This fine young lady says my “Bright Idea Deck” is the number one “Worst Tarot Deck of All Time.” (“It’s the gift that keeps on giving!”)

Hey, I’m in good company — the Thoth deck is on her list, too … but it languishes down at number five. (Now I can say I beat Aleister Crowley at something.) Don’t miss the comments!



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  • I don’t believe you need my support, but for what it’s worth I still use your deck teaching creative writing and for personal story starters as well. I’ve never cared about divination per say. And my kgtn classes still get to use the original picture proto type deck you were kind enough to let me print years ago. It was probably the "too many colors" thing that got you number one. But wait, I use the Thoth deck a lot so…..- ceal

  • Hi, Ceal! I’m happy to hear the deck is still a tool you enjoy for teaching and personal writing! (I need to do more of that kind of work myself. Maybe I should put my own tool to better use! Ha!) Thanks for the comment!

  • Wow. First, what qualifies this person to rank tarot decks–best or worst? While she’s surely entitled to her opinion, it’s just that. Second, I know someone who LOVES the deck she trashes as #1 Worst. Third, tarot reading is an intuitive pursuit and it may not matter what the cards look like. For what it’s worth, this deck is very hard to find, so maybe she did Mark a big favor with her review!

  • I have to say If the card deck "speaks" to you and resonates with you then that’s the deck you should incorporate into your regular readings or tarot collections. With that being said, I saw her "Best" list and well let’s just say her taste and mine or on two different planets. But, I digress.

    Your Bright Idea Deck is something that I’ve been looking for since I started using oracle and tarot cards, and I wanted to incorporate them for my entrepreneurship/business coaching and marketing & new biz consulting. In addition, I need some ideas for writing and developing ecourses! So they spoke to ME! Thank your for allowing Spirit to work through you in developing these cards for us business and spiritually aligned folks!;)

    Ones man’s trash is another man’s treasure! 😉

    Stay Blessed!

  • Ok, did I miss something? Where, Mark, did you call this a Tarot deck? I have Tarot decks; I have oracle cards; I have storytelling cards; and I have idea cards. I use them for different purposes, and I don’ t use exactly the same ones each time. Your deck is unique in that it uses traditional symbolism in a modern framework to include the working community as well as the aesthetic one. Congratulations, though, on being number one

  • Hi Mark, I just got your (tarot) “Bright idea deck”, went thoroughly through the companion book and am “practicing” with the suggested 50 spreads, just to get in tune with the objective of your cards and used to them. Congratulations for your creativity!! I just LOVE the questions and the challenge to answer them looking at the respective pictureso the cards.
    One question: some cards – not all of them – have symbols somewhere on them. I’m not sure, they look like being from the horoscope, right??
    WHERE can I find an explanation what they exactly mean and why they are on some cards and on others not? Couldn’t find a reference in the book. For instance: 6 green, 1 yellow, 5 yellow, 10 green, 8 red, etc.
    Thank you very much for clarifying.
    Just to let you know: your deck “arrived” at South Chile, it’s where I live. I read the tarot for other people since over 25 years. However, since I live in a “macho” country, 99,9% of the people who come for readings are women. I’m optimistic believing that once people know I can brainstorm with YOUR deck… men will show up! 🙂 Thanks, Cecil

    • Hi, Cecil. I’m glad a copy of that deck found its way to you. It’s out of print now, so it’s getting much harder to find.

      Some of the cards, including the ones you list, have astrological symbols on them. In some cases, the symbols are overt — like on the Blue 1 card, which has the symbols for Cancer and Scorpio on the wall. In other cases, the symbols have been hidden more cleverly. On the Blue 1, the fishbowl is a metaphorical reference to Pisces. If you look up astrological associations for Tarot cards, you’ll see people have been associating Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces with the Ace of Cups for years. So the Bright Idea Deck honors those old Tarot attributions by concealing or symbolizing them in corresponding cards (Blue 1 = Ace of Cups).

      Most people won’t notice these symbols. But for those who know Tarot’s astrological attributions, they make a nice “in-joke.” 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Guys do seem to like the Bright Idea Deck, and everyone seems more willing to give brainstorming with it a try, even if Tarot cards make them nervous!

      Have a wonderful journey with the deck,

  • Pish Posh! I love my “Bright Idea deck. I have been using them for 7+ years for role playing games plots, characters, and direction. The pictures are really good and the information I get from the cards and book are great. You can’t please everyone I guess.

    I was looking over the cards much more deeply than normal last night. I never had seen those astrological symbols but for some reason until now.

    Super job on a fantastic product.

    • Wow, thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the Bright Idea deck. Of all the decks I’ve scripted, it’s a personal favorite.

      I love your idea about using the cards for plotting role playing games. If you have have the time, I’d love to hear more.

      Thanks again!

  • Ha Ha! Who TF is she? I love your Bright Idea Deck. Was just searching to see if someone could still find a copy when I came across this.

  • I love the Bright Ideas deck! I have several decks and find the traditional depictions and symbolism interesting. But Bright Ideas brings the whole concept into the modern world, which I can more easily relate to. Like others who have commented, I use the images for creative writing stimuli and find them particularly useful in connection with ‘The Tarot Playbook by Lynda Cowles.

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