Vermont Guided Tours (Burlington, VT)

When in or near Burlington, VT, you couldn’t ask for a friendlier local guide than Greg Doremus, who operates Vermont Guided Tours. We enjoyed his company, and he did a particularly good job of presenting local history and working it casually and naturally into his conversations with our group of six.

Especially if you don’t have a car, working with Greg (whether arranged directly or through the Essex Culinary Resort) makes a lot of sense, as he supplies comfortable transportation to and from the winery and the sugar house. Others on our tour remarked on the convenience of having Greg drive home from the winery stop (especially since the wine sampling at Boyden Valley Vineyard is very generous).

We enjoyed both stops very much, and Greg made sure everyone had a good time. We would have enjoyed a tour with more than two stops, and it occured to us, too, that it would be possible to enjoy the very same wine and maple tasting on our own — though, in doing so, we would have missed out on Greg’s pleasant company (and the lunch box provided in the package sold by the Essex Resort and Spa).

If you lack your own transportation or don’t want to research your own options, Greg’s wine and maple tour provides a good time with a friendly local guide.


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