ChocZero – Delicious Low-Carb Chocolate with No Artificial Sweeteners

Written by Mark McElroy

Guilt-free chocolate is here … and it’s delicious.

I’m about to share a small miracle with you: a little square of ChocZero.

When possible, I prefer to eat a lower carb diet — which necessarily means limiting sweets. That can be hard, especially this time of year, when colleagues are piling left-over Halloween candy on their desks and piling cakes and pies on top of every filing cabinet in the office.

Enter ChocZero. ChocZero has no sugar, no sugar alcohols, and no artificial sweeteners, so it’s the perfect treat for those of us concerned with keeping our blood sugar levels moderated. And with six grams of fiber, the generous square of rich, smooth chocolate has just one effective carb.

The secret is monkfruit extract, made from lo han guo, a southeast Asian fruit that tastes hundreds of time sweeter than sugar. A very small amount, then, gives food a sweet taste — but the extract has no calories and no impact at all on blood sugar levels. You can order monkfruit extract powders to use in drinks and baked goods, but many of these have been laced with a sugar alcohol (usually xylitol or erythritol), which gives the concoction a frosty, minty secondary flavor note like you taste in breath-freshening gum.

There’s none of that in ChocZero, though — so all you get is the rich, creamy, smooth taste of real chocolate. ChocZero comes in milk chocolate and 70% dark flavors, but my personal favorite is the 50% blend — not too milky, not too bitter … just right. Each square has just the right amount of “snap” when you bite into it, then melts into silky, creamy goodness on the tongue … just as fine chocolate should.

Each square has just 40 calories. That’s 30 percent fewer calories than Ghirardelli chocolate squares! And when you consider that ChocZero is low in effective carbs, higher in fiber, rich in anti-oxidants, and has zero impact on blood sugar levels without sacrificing texture or flavor in the least … why not eat the treat that’s better for you?

When everyone else is eating a Snickers bar or a snickerdoodle, I’m reaching for the ChocZero. We get ours from Amazon.com, because they can bring three bags to my door in less than 24 hours. (Thanks, Prime Membership!) You should order yourself some guilt-free chocolate today?

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