The Day After (Some Thoughts on the Election)

Written by Mark McElroy

Leaders lead, whatever the outcome of an election.

Today, some will feel vindicated. Others will feel defeated. Some will rejoice. Others will mourn. Some will be delighted. Others will be in shock.

Ours is a big world, filled with human beings who, by their nature, have hopes, goals, and dreams that will inevitably unite some and divide others. So: whatever you’re feeling today: you’re entitled to that.

But we shouldn’t let any election blind us to a simple truth: the world is a good place, filled with good people, capable of achieving amazing things whenever we find a way to come together.

Today, I am trusting you to be a leader. If your candidate won, lead with grace and empathy. If your candidate lost, lead with hope and dignity.

In this, as in all things, we should focus more on the many things that unite us than the few that divide us.

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