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Movies You Haven’t Seen But Should: Tickled

When journalist David Farrier decided to write about the bizarre sport of competitive tickling, he had no idea just how far down the rabbit hole the story would take him.

Other than saying, “Go see it,” I can’t tell you much about Tickled, because knowing anything more than the basic premise would seriously spoil the tense, creepy journey that awaits you when the lights go down and this wide-eyed documentary begins goosing you in the dark.

Suffice it to say what Farrier discovers about a video series featuring athletic young men being tickled — and the world-wide network producing these clips — will have you scrunched down in your theater seat the way you were when you saw The Exorcist for the very first time.

(A tip of the hat to podcasters Ross and Carrie (of Oh No! Ross and Carrie! — one of the best podcasts you’ve not heard of), who brought this one to my attention last week.)

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