Hi. I'm Mark McElroy.

Writer & author
Creative professional
Corporate storyteller

Writer & Author

Non-fiction books. Award-winning corporate video scripts. Blogs and online content. Persuasive copy of all kinds.

Creative Professional

Program direction. Team management. Strategic planning. Brainstorming. Producing. Directing. Graphic design. 

Corporate Storyteller

Memorable messages. Mellow voiceovers. Presentations and events that inform, entertain, and engage the audience.

Latest Blog Posts

MadeByMark (Personal)

A Walk through Borough Market (London, England, UK)

borough market-header

To see the gallery images full-sized, click any image, then use on-screen controls to move left and right through the gallery.

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MillionMileMark (Travel)

Where Roads Don’t Go (Lake George, Alaska)

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alaska landscape

We are an unlikely pair to go flightseeing. I have a morbid fear of falling from a great height. Standing too close the railing on our balcony, eight floors above Midtown Atlanta, unnerves me. Clyde, on the other hand, prefers…

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Alice Smeets’ Ghetto Tarot

The Nine of Swords shows a woman with her head in her hands, sitting up in her bed. She appears to have just woken up from a bad nightmare, and is obviously upset, fearful and anxious following her dream. Nine swords hang on the wall behind her.

Photographer Alice Smeets went into the ghettos of Hati and came out with the Ghetto Tarot — a series of photographs inspired by Pixie Smith’s artwork for the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The artist has a page here, and there’s an IndeGoGo…

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