About Me

Mark and Clyde in Flam

I’m Mark McElroy, a writer and corporate storyteller who lives in Atlanta, GA. MadeByMark.com is a personal blog, created in November of 2000. Today, it’s where I write about:

Global Travel. Clyde Parks (my partner of twenty-one years) and I share a passion for world travel. People seem surprised when they hear we’ve flown to Romania for the weekend … or that we’re going back to Bangkok for the fourteenth time, “just to go.” Family and friends (and friends of friends!) depend on us to be the people who can guide them to what’s best (and most affordable) to do in any given destination. On MadeByMark.com, I share what we discover wherever we go and offer tips for anyone who loves to travel.

Good Books. In 2014, I’ve made a pledge to stop reading so much on-line, “in the moment” drivel and start reading more books that matter. I’m off to a good start with books like David Lynch’s Catching the Big Fish and Yogani’s Deep Meditation. Because I like to share what works, I post reviews of the best books I find … and warnings about the books that waste valuable time.

Great Gadgets. I’m excited about personal technology, from iPhones to iPads. Friends and family rely on my unbiased, honest reviews of the latest gadgets, which help them make sense of the wonderful (but hard to understand) Sonos system and find the best headphones out there. I’m also an app addict, so when I come across apps and services that make my life better, I recommend them here. I like sharing ideas that help people, too, so when I figure something out — like how to eliminate monitor ghosting without spending a penny — I write about it here.

Friendly Food. I love, love, love living in Midtown, where some of the best food in the South is served up daily. When I find a great “any Tuesday night” restaurant in Midtown or come across an interesting local service or hidden gem, I post about that experience on MadeByMark.com. And because we tend to approach new cultures through their cuisine, you’ll see a lot of food-related posts when we’re traveling, too.

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All recommendations I make are honest and unbiased; I don’t take money to write about, recommend, or endorse a product or service on MadeByMark.com.

I read every comment you leave on the site, and apprecaite every email, tweet, or link you send my way. Letting me know that one of my books or posts helped you, touched you, or made a difference in your life will make my day.