What is MadeByMark.com?

MadeByMark.com is a personal blog, created in November of 2000.Most of my posts are for me, my family, and a loyal following of about 2000 readers who have fallen in love with the site over the years. I’m not trying to sell you a thing. (It’s bizarre, I know.)

By far, the most popular posts that draw people here are my fix for LCD monitor ghosting and the series of posts I wrote about a personal experiment with Topomax for weight loss several years ago. A post about the elegant but awkwardly marketed Sonos wireless speaker system runs a distant third.

Just lately, I’m rethinking what I want to achieve with MadeByMark. For now, though, this is where I tend to share ideas and discoveries that have delighted or helped me — and that I think might delight or help you.

Truth is, I’ve been doing what I’m doing here for almost fifteen years, and I don’t really know how to stop.

The “Mark” in MadeByMark.com

I live in Atlanta, GA, with Clyde (my husband of 23 years) and our two dogs, Windy Day and Sunny Day. I’m grateful every day for the sweet, quiet life we lead together. Most of the posts I write these days are inspired by our adventures together.

I’m in love with great books, great cinema, and “technology that’s virtually indistinguishable from magic.” That’s why you’ll see a lot of posts here about the books I’m reading, the movies I’m seeing, and products from companies like Apple, Amazon.com, Tivo, and others.

I wrestle a lot with spirituality. By nature, I’m a skeptic. I have a lot of impatience with people who want to force their faith on others. I’m angry when religion is used as a blanket excuse for intolerance and ignorance. That said: I’ve always been drawn to a kind of practical mysticism. So, in the end, I’m a sort of eclectic neo-Buddist Gnostic Christian mystic.

I’m passionate about great food and global travel, both of which I write about exclusively at MillionMileMark.com.

What I Do

My passion has always been storytelling. I come from a long line of Scotch/Irish storytellers — people with an innate sense of how to spin a tale that comes to life for the listener. Whether writing books or leading teams, I use the power of story to give my material meaning and help people apply it to their lives and work.

I wrote a lot of books from 2004 – 2008, on topics from Apple computers to reading Tarot cards. I scripted and designed a dozen or so Tarot decks during those same years. Having gone the commercial publishing route (and after watching traditional publishers skim a lot of cash off my earnings), I’m curious about self-publishing. My first foray into that, a simple text called A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, has been remarkably successful.

Today, I work as a creative director for an organization that gets twitchy when employees mention its name on their personal web sites. In addition to defining the strategy that guides the work of our multimedia and graphics teams, I brainstorm media solutions with clients; write scripts, speeches, and presentations; churn out graphic designs and visuals; produce and direct award-winning corporate videos; and generally help people make messages more engaging by applying the power of story.

It’s a great job — and the best thing about it is being managed by smart people who “get it” (not a lot of creatives can say that) and managing a small group of the smartest, most creative professionals I’ve ever worked with. I grease the gears, but my small team of six graphic designers, animators, photographers, videographers, editors, and technicians do most of the hard work of building the things we dream up together.

My dream job is pretty much the job I have — done as a remote employee, though, who can work from anywhere on the planet, as long as the work gets done.