9,125 Days Together

Clyde and I have been together 25 years!

Unbiased Review: Rowkin Bit Charge Wireless Earbuds

Dropouts and fiddly controls ruin a great form factor.

Apple AirPods – Likes and Dislikes, Pros and Cons

AirPods have a lot to offer ... but they don't fit my ears well.

Clyde’s Very Best Low-Carb Lower-Calorie Pizza Crust Recipe

Great news: Clyde has perfected his low-carb, lower calorie, cauliflower crust pizza recipe! I’m a pizza fiend. I mean, I could eat pizza every meal, and then order more pizza for dessert. Once, in college, I...

What I Learned from Two Weeks of being Political on Facebook

For two weeks, I joined the fray on Facebook, posting nothing but political content. Here’s what I learned. On Facebook, You’re Preaching to the Choir When people see posts they agree with, they like...


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