Whoopie Pie at Pink Pastry (Bar Harbor, Maine)

Every culinary guide book on the region claims you can’t come to Maine without trying the lobster (of course) and a whoopie pie. So when we stumble on Pink Pastry, with a pile of whoopie pies in the window, who are we to resist?

Whoopie pie, for the uninitiated, is a bit like a sweet white frosting sandwich, with a bun made of pillow-soft chocolate cake. When you bite into one, the creamy filling squashes out in all directions. Messy? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

Ours were traditional chocolate cream whoopie pies. Today, you’ll also find chocolate-chip whoopie pie, lemon cake and citrus cream whoopie pie, blueberry whoopie pie — you get the idea. At less than four bucks for an inch-thick, saucer-sized confection, they’re a bargain.

This being my first whoopie pie, I can’t offer much in the way of comparisons. That said: the pie was fresh and sweet, and if the staff could manage to fake a grin as they interact with customers, a whoopie pie from Pink Pastry might taste even sweeter.

We suck the whoopie pies right down, and we’re so satisfied afterwards, the chocolate shop we pass on the way back to the ship doesn’t tempt me at all.


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